Tanya’s number one passion has been the ‘oils of plants’, or as we know it here in the US, Aromatherapy.  This passion took her to some intense study programs within the field – the first being an Aromatherapy Certification Program (ACP) with Andrea Butje in Ithaca, NY.  This course spanned from April to September of 2001 with over 200 hours of study. In fact, the time of conducting the course itself is not as important as the implementation of itself, link. This time I'm ready to look further.

 Rhiannon Harris Lewis of Essential Oil Resource Consultants (EORC) located in Provence, France wrote the chemistry section to Andrea Butje’s ACP program.  Tanya spent a memorable week in the South of France with Rhiannon in August of 2002 celebrating Lavender Festival and studying the Herbs de Provence.  Lavender Festival was the highlight of this trip and it inspired Tanya to continue her advanced traditional Aromatherapy studies with Rhiannon.

Tanya pursued Advanced AromaTherapy Certification Courses  here in the U.S. with Rhiannon, adding another 150 hours of training over a course of five years 2002-2007.  Some of these additional classes included: Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy, Respiratory Diseases, Infectious Diseases, and Cancer Care courses ……. Tanya’s clinical aromatherapy studies.

Tanya began her journey with Spiritual PhytoEssencing birthed by Dr. Bruce Berkowsky of Seattle, Washington in 2008, and she continued this course of study through 2015.  Dr. Bruce’s SPE course has helped Tanya focus in on the personalities of these plant spirits and the incredible gifts they share when they interact through our own complex personalities—encompassing  ALL, i.e.  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.   

Added to her passion for the blutstillendes mittel apotheke oils of plants, Tanya has received advanced training in the Reiki field and offers all levels of training in Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki.  This Rei=‘Universal’ Ki=‘Life Force Energy’ helps her center, focus and assist people with their self-healing; those beautiful souls who are awakening to the current ascension process here on Earth.  Tanya completed her Master Study:UsuiReiki with Christine Lloyd-Newberry over a decade ago (2003).  Further advanced Master Karuna Reiki study with Teresa McIlravey in 2014 brought Tanya to a deeper connection to the soul, cellular memories of the healing tribes of past lifetimes. Currently, Tanya’s healing practice is evolving rapidly, including the channeling of custom symbols for her students and clients.

In 2005 Tanya’s 600 hour NYS Licensed Esthetics study helped her understand how to assist 60% of her current client base in the challenges they were experiencing with skin conditions.  Tanya adds this NYS License in Aesthetics to her repertoire to responsibly practice “hands on” here in the State of New York.  Custom formulations which are included in skin care consultations is one of Tanya’s favorite ways of practicing the Art of Aroma Therapy.

From 2008-2014, Tanya also spent much time volunteering for Community Hospice in Saratoga County, NY and was part of adding Reiki to the Complementary Therapies Services for Hospice families in need. Tanya helped carry out newly approved Complementary Therapies policy by helping train and  assign Reiki volunteers to patients and their families. Working with transitioning people and their families really informed Tanya’s experience with Reiki and its effects in this challenging time and the grieving process.

This year, 2016, Tanya is studying IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) with Teresa McIlravey.  Heartlinking with nine beautiful Angels is a favorite practice during Reiki sessions with Tanya’s clients and students.


**Tanya is not a medical professional and her Reiki/Aromatherapy practice is not intended to replace any advice or medicine your medical professionals have given.**