Tanya’s essential oil suppliers buy directly from sustainable farms and wildcrafters from around the world.  These sources are in the business of knowing their farmers and are responsible lovers of Mother Earth.  When searching for an oil from suppliers, Tanya can easily find information about the oil, i.e., the genus & species (very important information in the aromatherapy world, and she can trust that the information is true & authentic),  the country the oil comes from (many times the section of the country, altitude it grows), the plant parts the oils are distilled from, whether it is wild crafted, the method of distillation, the chemicals listed from the special tests essential oil chemists report, (GCMS) etc. Here is collected the most interesting of chemistry, you can see something very amazing army bomb look at joom. To do this, just stay with us and watch.

Safe use of essential oils is equally as important as the quality of the oils and where they come from.  “Do no harm, less is best!”  Education is key and necessary if you are going to use these natural, fragrant chemical beauties.  Teaching aromatherapy is Tanya’s favorite way of connecting with people who are interested in essential oils, especially because many people she meets have a medicine cabinet full of them, but too many don’t have the right information about how to safely use them.  Tanya is not in the business of selling kits of essential oils — she consults with clients and creates custom blends for therapeutic (body, mind, spirit) purposes and conditions. Students can purchase pure, undiluted oils, but everyone else gets safely diluted product with directions for use.

*Tanya is not a medical professional and therefore cannot diagnose medical conditions. Custom blends are not intended to replace any treatments, prescribed medicines, or advice given by one’s medical professional(s).