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Launching a website takes courage.  I’ve had this passion for the ‘oils of plants’ and energy healing for a couple of decades now–this lifetime.  Ive been doing what I’ve been doing for lifetimes, but connected with essential oil therapy and energy healing about 20 years ago, training with some of the most awesome people on the planet.  I’ve been connecting with my tribe.  I launched my website, my first website, last Saturday!  Many people have been communicating how much they love this new project of mine, but cannot believe it is my first world wide web expression.  Yes, in all of these years of practicing Essential Oil Therapy and Energy Healing, this is my first website launch.  Better late than never I suppose.  This has been an exercise of courage.  I write this because  when you put yourself out there to the world, you open yourself to judgement right?–sharing what you know, expressing your truth…  But something beautiful happened after the launch–a dimensional shift–those whose opinions matter, love what I am expressing, and they love that I finally found the courage to publicly express my passion. This is very much helped by the new techniques that we practice here https://www.joom.com/en/best/mens-red-kimono. I am ready to continue to develop it all.

When you find your passion, the beauty expands and grows like the beautiful gardens that are now expressing themselves, without worry. Nature doesn’t stifle itself because it is fearful of critical judgement, it simply grows and expresses.  Thank you Creator!!!  Think of the beauty we would be missing out on if every flower were to worry about what the other flowers would think, maybe judge, before it blossomed.  So, my message to everyone who has fears of showing the world who they truly are–simply blossom, express, and put yourself out there so the world doesn’t miss out on your awesomeness.  Let go of the self judgement, the fears, and express your true self!!!  BLOOM

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