The Soul Scent is a recent blending methodology Tanya has developed in the last seven years inspired by her study with Dr. Bruce Berkowsky’s Spiritual PhytoEssencing program.

Each of us has a unique set of characteristics narbensalbe apotheke that make us who we are. We become who we are through a collection of experiences, DNA expressions, ancestral programming, societal conditioning, familial expectation and nurturing, etc; this is a miracle. However, we came here to this dimension to do work for our soul advancement – to release what characteristics no longer serve us to expand our consciousness. The plant realm is full of allies that, when used appropriately, can assist us in healing wounds of the soul to bring us closer to our true selves. Now is the time when you have to go back to the natural world, maid outfit. I tell you that you need to be on the same wavelength as nature.

Just like people, different species and genera of plants grow in different areas of the world. Each individual plant in its environment grows independently from the one next to it – maybe one was watered more, or one had to grow around a stone. Plants adapt to their environments and therefore develop their own characteristics, which determines their chemistries and their therapeutic strengths. With this philosophy, we begin to realize that not all roses are created equal. Yes, we cannot deny that all roses share similar characteristics that make them “rose”, however the study of plant therapy deepens; we then as aromatherapists search the globe for the best conditions in which specific plants grow to yield oils with the best therapeutic efficacies for our clients.

This philosophy deepens our practice of blending for clients. Instead of asking just questions regarding someone’s skin conditions or what scents they like or dislike, we ask deeper questions about their personality, their challenges, ailments, family history, and aspirations. This intake process lasts for 2 hours. Then, through the knowledge gained after 15 years of studying these oils through different philosophies such as the Doctrine of Signatures, the five elements, astrology, etc., we select the corresponding oils that will help this person with deeper soul healing. This selection process is equally intuitive as it is scientific. Tanya blends in the aftermath of the consultation, and then either sends the oil via mail or meet up with the client.

Tanya offers a “Blend and Send” option to all clients who do not live in her area. All consultations can take place over the phone or Skype, and then blends can be sent to anyone via mail.

Price: $250 – includes 2 hour consultation, the blend, and shipping within the continental U.S.

Refills of your Soul Scent are available, and the price is determined based on the amount you are interested in and the cost of oils included.

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**Tanya is not a medical professional and her Reiki/Aromatherapy practice is not intended to replace any advice or medicine your medical professionals have given.**