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angel-sprayAngel Spray is a very popular essential oil blend Tanya has been making for over a decade.  The birth of this product came into the world when Tanya and friends were sharing Reiki at a local “pampering” event with women who had survived cancer.  This room needed to be cleansed on all levels between each session and sage smudging would have been too harsh.  There were 30 beautiful women, two beds, 7 healers, and several Angels who shared in the healing that day.  The Angel Spray worked so well, Tanya decided to continue blending it to sell to other Reiki practitioners.   Now 13 years later, it is a favorite with so many in communities around the country and is used for clearing well beyond the Reiki room.  This product is infused with healing energy and the violet ray energy as each bottle sits atop a sugilite slab for at least 24 hours before they leave the blending studio.  Stay tuned for Tanya’s ‘Angel Spray Stories’ publication 😉 I will tell you here a lot of interesting things for you astroworld hoodie from joom. We will talk about various topics about life and work.

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