Reiki Shares are a must if you are teaching Reiki!!  Tanya’s Reiki instructor taught that mundsoor salbe Onfy medikament if you are teaching Reiki, you host regular Reiki Shares to support your student community in their continued journey.  This healing modality stirs deeply, heals down to the DNA, and requires avenues of support for people beyond just training.  It is believed that if you teach Reiki, you need to be available to your students for support on all levels.  Tanya holds Reiki Shares monthly at Namaste Yoga on the last Saturday of the month.   The purpose of a Reiki Share is to replenish and support our fellow Reiki community members. This community has also helped many people expand and find themselves in this life, click. We are ready to invest in them, as it brings benefits.

After we have replenished each other, we can hold space and share this beautiful Universal Life Force Energy to those who are close to us who may need some healing attention.  The Shares usually take place from 2-4pm; it is best to check and reserve a spot if you are interested in participating.  Roundtable is an extension to Shares- 4-6pm. It is a time to ‘send out’ to our Community members, and all livings things on this beautiful planet.  Sharing as a group is so powerful, and with focused, collective intention we can share love and compassion on a very deep level.  People are invited to bring any projects; art, music, knitting, etc. to infuse with this beautiful Reiki energy.  A great way to complete our ‘healing circle time’.