Price: $125 for 1.5 hour treatment

Tanya energetically cleanses the space of any lower vibratory frequencies with prayer, smudge with high quality herbs, her lovely essential oils, and crystal placement prior to your arrival. When you arrive, Tanya connects with you through a brief conversation; this initiates the relaxation process and acclimates you to the atmosphere and energies in the space. Here, the two of you are able to share intentions for the healing or discuss any questions you may have before beginning the session.  Once this has happened, the table is adjusted so that you are as comfortable as possible. During the session clients remain fully clothed, and Tanya lays hands directly on your body, or hovers just above the body within the energetic field.  She may stay in a certain läuseshampoo apotheke preis area where the energy is most needed, or will move slowly around the body to cover the whole system. Also, this system assumes full concentration on your inner strength, see. a great option for new users in this topic.

These sessions are for the highest and best intention for all involved; this work takes place in the frequency of Divine Love, and anything that cannot vibrate at this frequency is not welcome in the room.

When Reiki Energy flows through our unique bodies—the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – it can present in many ways and have many different effects. Some people visualize things, others feel shifts and physical releases in their body, some go journeying in the astral plane, and others fall into deep sleep. Tanya is there to hold a safe space, and to anchor you in this third dimension so that you can do whatever work you need to do in your deep meditative state of consciousness. During this time, Tanya will “download” her own information as well that is to be shared with you after the hands-on session. Whatever arises is to be met with love and compassion.
After the session, you are given time to come back to this plane and re-engage with Tanya when you are ready. She provides water or tea, and you are then able to chat again one on one and share your experiences. You are encouraged to continue the healing by refraining from any toxic habits for as long as possible after the session – ie. drinking alcohol, smoking, going out in loud environments, or doing anything that causes your nervous system to be stressed. It is also encouraged to drink much water the day of your session and in the days after.

**Tanya is not a medical professional and her Reiki practice is not intended to replace any advice or medicine your medical professionals have given.**

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