“Tanya has been my earthly spiritual guide and Reiki teacher for the past 3 years.  On my spiritual journey with Tanya, I have learned through compassionate intention how to open more deeply to the universal flow of energy, creating and holding the space of energetic healing for myself and others to facilitate the healing process.  Through my work with Tanya, I have deepened my intuition and connected to schwangerschaftsfrühtest apotheke Onfy.de and my higher self.  I look forward to continuing my life long journey of self discovery and healing with Tanya as my mentor and teacher.”  It has already helped many people and my friends find themselves, der Link. She showed how to behave in difficult times.–Derrleen M


“I feel very honored to have experienced the LaMothe masterful mix of skillfully curated, hand crafted essential oil + esoteric botanical blends combined with  energy moving Reiki…A session that carried the assistance of ascended masters angelic guides called in to my truly unique healing experience! With great Gratitude, I highly recommend people seek this clearing / insightful intuitive mind / body therapy!” -Quinn T


“Tanya is a skilled Reiki Master and Aromatherapist. Her weekly Aroma Meditation classes have taught me plenty about how to safely and effectively use essential oils in my life, often introducing me to previously unfamiliar oils such as Violet Leaf and Spikenard, while the guided meditations led by her daughter Andrea help me to connect with my own inner wisdom.” –Erica S


“I have been Tanya’s student for a couple of months now. She is a wonderful, caring person, but also a great teacher! She is very passionate about her work and wants to share her years and years of knowledge to help others. You feel that wonderful energy in her presence. I also feel a great sense of guidance, yet a space to ask, grow and learn at my own pace and understanding. She offers so many unique classes and shares; I have loved them all. It’s a beautiful space for the community to gather , to learn, and grow and bond in more ways to heal Mind Body & Spirit. I’m so very grateful for all the light she gives out to the world, and to have her on my journey with me!” –Jacquelyn A


“Tanya has been my reiki teacher, mentor and friend for over ten years. Her energy is open, warm, non-judging and grounding. I whole heartedly recommend her as an energy healer and as a teacher. In her energy sessions, she beautifully holds the space so her clients can do their healing work in a relaxed and spiritually energized atmosphere. As a teacher, she helps her students throughout the entire process, meeting with them until they are totally comfortable with what they have learned and how they are experiencing it. She supports her students forever, always being available to them, always aiding in their continued journey. She also provides reiki shares and reiki talks to introduce and connect her family of students and like-minded individuals. We affectionately call her “Reiki Mother” because of the unconditional, non judging atmosphere she creates for her clients and students who know she will always be there for us if we need an encouraging word, or a safe place to share our experiences on our own spiritual and healing paths.” –Carol G