Amount: $250

Number of Sessions: 2 three-hour sessions 

This class is a beautiful introduction for those beginning a journey with healing energy.  Tanya teaches the history of Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy) and its lineage, the Reiki Principles, as well as methods in establishing one’s own custom daily practice of self healing and basic healing on close loved ones and pets.  This is a hands on, how to, basic class for everyone–no pre-requisite is required.  Everyone who is open to learning, giving and receiving this healing modality is welcome. We welcome all those who have decided to start learning about polygel nails We will help you get used to it and find something new for yourself.


Students will first receive a ‘Reiki Blessing’, which is a preparation of one’s energy system to receive Reiki as a conduit. Tanya does this by opening and clearing the crown chakra and pranic tube to ensure ease of passage of such high vibration energy through the energy channels.  All humans already have the ability to channel such energy, as we all were created to connect with this pure healing light, but we may have forgotten or become closed to receiving it over time due to societal constructs.  This Blessing Ceremony is a reminder or remembrance ceremony.  Students will most likely feel a shift within their body indicating expansion and openness either on a subtle or profound level. Tanya suggests that each student listen to their body consciousness and drink plenty of water to allow this process to happen fluidly.

Tanya will also teach hand placements and other methods to bring this energy to self, family, friends, and animals.

Students will practice sending energy and will have a time on the table to receive and share, so please wear comfortable clothing – layers are suggested, as some people experience the energy by feeling much heat, or others feel cool and tingly.

This level is divided into two separate three hour sessions. Upon completion, students will then be invited to attend Tanya’s Reiki Shares and Reiki Roundtable events at Namaste Yoga to share with other members in the community who practice this beautiful healing method.





Amount: $400

Number of Sessions: 2 three-hour sessions ; 1 two-hour Brush Meditation session

*Note: Each student is assessed individually – some need add’l time


The pre-requisite to this class is Reiki Level I. If you did not take Reiki Level I from Tanya, please bring your Reiki Level I certificate, or talk to Tanya prior to the date of the initial Level II class for a qualifications brief.

Reiki II begins a journey of advanced, intuitive training, teaching how to connect into one’s heart center and trust messages one receives during healing sessions and in their daily self-healing practice. Reiki Level II students receive additional Reiki Blessings from Tanya to further dilate their energy vessels for a higher level of attunement to Reiki. Two more symbols- one for the emotional body, and one for the mental/soul body – are also taught at this level. The symbols assist with focus and purpose in sending the energy. The required Brush Meditation, or Japanese calligraphy (Shodo), class deepens the students’ connection to the new symbols and their power to assist in healing.

The most distinct teaching of Reiki Level II traditionally is distance healing; one will be able to send Reiki energy to people across the room or across the planet, and into other dimensions. This specific ability is quite profound, as we do not always have the ability to lay our hands on or near our ailing loved ones.

The daily practice, at this point, will also assist to develop one’s intuition, or that feeling in the heart center of inner guidance. This level is for the student who wants to share Reiki with family, friends, and animals, and to continue their own self practice deeply and more focused with the additional symbols.





Amount: $200

Number of Sessions: 1 three-hour session


Reiki Level III is for the student who chooses to set up a business and consider accepting money for the practice of Reiki Healing. The teaching of ethics and business are key to helping a student become an important Reiki community member. The business of Reiki is a slightly controversial topic, so these topics are discussed and hashed out in a safe environment. This level is very important for those students who wish to practice Reiki in their community and represent the Principles to lead as an example to others.





Amount: $500

Number of Sessions: 3 three-hour sessions, additional time may be required

This level is for students who choose to pass on Blessings and teach Reiki. People may take this level of Reiki who choose not to teach, but reach further depths of their spiritual journey in self healing and healing others. As a side note, a “Reiki Master” is defined as a Teacher. One can call his/herself an Advanced Reiki Practitioner and choose not to teach, however a true “Reiki Master” is a teacher.
Mastery takes much longer to achieve, as there is much to teach about teaching. There are more symbols passed to the student, the student critiques books, they begin to write their own manuals, they help teach classes, and the title of Mastery is passed when the student and teacher are in agreement that the comfort and understanding has been achieved and they are ready to teach all levels of Reiki.