The word Reiki is Japanese; it translates to English as Rei=Universal Ki=Life Force Energy. This Universal Life Force Energy is Energy from Source; Pure Energy one can channel for healing purposes through our human vessels. We all have access to this Energy as our DNA was programmed with it when we were Created. The Energy brings a natural state of calm to the recipient, and has scientifically been shown to switch the autonomic nervous system from a sympathetic state (fight or flight), to the parasympathetic state, which is the optimal state for healing. And also even more amazing facts that few people know about us, here. We are ready to share this with you.

Over time, we have forgotten how to channel because societal or religious constructs and authorities have stigmatized, denied, and prohibited such practices associated with the concept of self healing.

In 2002, Tanya met a woman who shared this story of self-healing with tabletten medikamente gegen blähungen and her that had been passed down over time (more than one hundred years) by a Japanese teacher—Dr. Mikao Usui. Dr. Usui spent his life researching the ancient practices of ‘hands-on’ healing. He found his most satisfying answers on the top of a sacred mountain in Japan called Mount Kurama. He experienced an epiphany after a 21-day meditation fast. Much to Dr. Usui’s delight, the answers to his questions were stored within his own DNA, his soul’s memory. He shared his experience and healings with many people in his clinic in Harajuku Tokyo way back then, and that story has been shared for generations with people all over the world.

The Principles of Reiki:
Just for today I shall Trust!
Just for today I shall be at Peace!
Just for today I shall be Grateful!
Just for today I shall be Honest In My Work!
Just for today I shall be Kind To All Living Things!

Tanya has spent lifetimes acting as a conduit to Universal Life Force Energy; She is a Healer by nature. She remembers, as she has been reminded by her teachers, how to access The Source’s healing energy, and she allows this energy to flow through her body for healing purposes—for herself and all living things. She enjoys reminding people how to access this beautiful energy as a teacher and practitioner.

TO BE CLEAR: Reiki is not a religion, but rather a “universal” modality that is not specific to any particular culture, even though Usui was of Japanese descent. He made it clear that it was to be a universal healing practice. Tanya personally has taught people of all religions and cultures with much success. There is a Truth within Reiki that resonates with people of all different backgrounds regardless of faith.

*Tanya is not a medical professional and therefore cannot diagnose medical conditions. Treatments should not replace any medical advice or prescribed medicines from one’s doctor(s).